A "beginner" scooter lets the rider learn the basics of freestyle scootering. And "intermediate" scooter lets the rider develop and evolve with the same kit. An "expert' scooter' lets the rider practice every type of scootering.
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Weight matters when choosing a scooter. The smaller the rider, the more important it is to have a light scooter. It will be much easier for him to do his tricks. The weight becomes less important when the rider is tall.
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Handlebar height
Handlebar height in millimeters. Remember to look at the size guide on each product sheet to be sure that the handlebars correspond to your size.
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Deck length
Deck length in millimeters. The longer it is, the heavier the deck will be, but the more space there will be for your feet.
  • 495
  • 510
Deck width
Width of the deck in millimeters. The wider it is, the heavier the deck will be, but the more space there will be for your feet.
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Size(s) available :
One size fits all
Size(s) available :
One size fits all
Size(s) available :
One size fits all
Size(s) available :
One size fits all
Size(s) available :
One size fits all
Size(s) available :
One size fits all

Blunt freestyle scooter

Founded in 2009, the Australian brand Blunt scooter is one of the pioneers in freestyle scooters. Blunt has been at the origin of many innovations in the sport both in terms of equipment and events, videos and other productions related to the scooter freestyle. For example, they have the IHC compression system, the customizable wheels or one of the most beautiful freestyle trott films.
Arrived very quickly in Europe and especially in France, it is thanks to his team France and his riders of exceptions that this brand knew how to make its place and is today one of the leaders of the market. We mainly mention 4 riders: Flavio PESENTI, Charles PADEL, Didine TERCHAGUE and Jonathan PERRONI who helped forge a strong image around the brand. We will remember the Blunt REAPER bar, the first freestyle scooter skate park in FISE or the deck ends, all these riders have contributed as much to the Blunt brand as the latter could do for them. That's why today it's considered one of the best freestyle scooter brands in the world.
Adored by fan blunts, this brand has created over the years a range of solid and powerful scooters whose names are now known to all trotiriders. From beginner level to expert level, there is something for everyone at BLUNT SCOOTER and in many different colors.

Blunt Colt, the low-budget freestyle scooter from Blunt Scooters for maximum quality!

If you are a rider who is starting to get a little level in freestyle scooters, this is the scooter you need. The Blunt Colt is the first model in the Blunt range that offers a high quality scooter with the ability to upgrade it thanks to its compatibility with spare parts. It was designed for freestyle while being affordable and without sacrificing quality. With this trott freestyle, the most stylish figures of the moment will be at hand, with a few hours of training of course.

Available in 4 new colors: gray, blue, orange and black, this freestyle scooter is equipped with the best technologies for this price range. We find mainly 110 mm big wheels very solid and allowing to be fast and very precise in its movements;a handlebar in a quality steel alloy, chromoly which is very sturdy and solid, and a specially designed deck for the practice of freestyle ie short and wide to greatly increase stability and responsiveness in ride.

One of the trumps of this freestyle trott is its totally invisible IHC compression system integrated into the fork. As for the Blunt ONE and the entire BLUNT SCOOTER range, this trott will never make the same unpleasant sound as the old folding scooters. It will be totally monobloc and very easy to tighten with just the help of an Allen key of 6.
It is also equipped with a nylon brake that does not damage the polyurethane wheels and large comfortable handles. All this adds up to create a scooter of very good quality for an affordable price. We are on one of the bestsellers of the brand.

This model is therefore perfectly suited to riders who start but also riders a little more experienced who would not want to ruin themselves. Finally you will notice a letter "S"accompanied by a number. This is the Series of the range because Blunt there renews every year. Thus the Colt released in 2018 is the Colt S4.

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Blunt Prodigy, the best seller of Blunt Scooters: everything a rider needs to progress!

The Blunt Prodigy is the ultimate freestyle scooter, it brings together everything a rider needs to progress quickly. Rather typical Park, it will still satisfy the most versatile people see the magnet of the practice of street. If you're looking for a high-performance freestyle scooter, thoughtful and studied for freestyle, this is the car you need!

This is probably the best model in its range and with this trott hardest tricks will all be achievable and it will not break under the pressure of such acrobatics.
It has only trumps, it is equipped with big wheels 120mm with soft rubber since the 7th generation (S7) bringing precision and speed as well in skate park as to move;its Chromoly handlebars (high quality steel alloy) will provide robustness and a comfortable ride position and the all-new Prodigy deck with its redesigned headtube will greatly increase the speed of execution of the figures and the general inertia of the scooter during the ride.

The Prodigy is equipped with an IHC compression system, so it will take almost no game. Otherwise, find a perfect droptest will be very simple and fast as on other models in the range.
By adding small essential details such as the flat deck OTR facilitating the blunts, the nylon brake that does not damage the wheels or the all new BLUNT fork to equip wheels up to 125 mm in diameter and 30 mm thick, we get a product of very good quality.
The prodigy Blunt is available in 5 different colors: black, oil slick, splatter, scratch and midnight. It will be perfect for all types of riders.

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Blunt KOS, the high-end freestyle scooter from Blunt Scooters is here!

Available in three different versions by their color and weight, this scooter is designed for performance. The Blunt KOS is the best freestyle scooter in its range and one of the most successful scooters on the market. With this scooter at the forefront of innovation you will have no trouble training you and improve your tricks the most technical of the moment both street and skatepark.
The Blunt KOS freestyle scooters are equipped with 30mm wide wheels and polyurethane rubber that will help for speed and accuracy. Each version comes with a different bar. We find a Blunt Soul steel handlebar for the KOS Soul, an aluminum handlebar with the Blunt reaper handlebar on the KOS Heist and an aluminum handlebar also on the KOS Charge with the Blunt Bull bar which will bring strength and solidity . The deck is short, wide and light to significantly increase responsiveness and ride stability.
This trott is equipped with an IHC compression system and the last BLUNT blunt 2 screw clamp with which we will have almost no play.
Essential little details come to perfect this model such as the OTR flat deck facilitating blunts and plastic deck ends allowing grinds pegless without difficulty.

This model is suitable for scooter riders looking for a strong feeling that already send heavy. But it will also be suitable for beginners to be able to take in his first tailwhip and to progress long with.

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