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UNDIALED Grip Clear Stripe

Colours :
WhiteUNDIALED Grip Clear Stripe
Multi colorUNDIALED Grip Clear Stripe
Multi colorUNDIALED Grip Clear Stripe
PurpleUNDIALED Grip Clear Stripe
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In stock
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Product description UNDIALED Grip Clear Stripe

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UNDIALED Grip Clear Stripe

Replacing your old grip, and tacking ultra-clean ships has never been easier, with the introduction of these grip sheets, produced by Undialed. Choose your favorite visual, and appreciate the ease of application and a balanced grip that will help you in your ride.

Grip size :
Width: 6.5 ''(16.5cm)
Length: 23 ''(58.4cm)
Weight: 70g

Brand overview UNDIALED

At the start of an era, Clayton and Will (aka WhiteTrashWilly) met at the event called SD7 in San Diego. At the time, Will wanted to pursue photography. He ended up taking pictures of Clayton and many others during the event. Clayton and Will became friends on Facebook and chatted here and there until they met at a Scooter Farm event at the Woodward West Action Sports Camp in Stallion Springs, Calif. What sparked a friendship between the two young men to create the undialed brand.

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