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BLUNT Spacer Wheel Black

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Product description BLUNT Spacer Wheel

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BLUNT Spacers WHEEL Black

Kit of 4 spacers for your freestyle scooter wheel to adapt different widths of wheels.
Perfect for upgrading your Prodigy S6 or S7, KOS S5 and S6 wheels up to 30mm wide.

Technical characteristics:
24 mm kit
28 mm kit
Kit 30 mm

Brand overview BLUNT

Blunt is a very famous brand in the world of freestyle scooters. Blunt freestyle scooters are quality scooters, with a wide choice of models and prices. Blunt also offers a wide selection of freestyle scooter parts: decks, handlebars, wheels, forks, bearings, pegs, compression kits, grips, clamps, brakes.

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