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ETHIC Handlebar black Dryad

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Product description ETHIC Handlebar black Dryad

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ETHIC Handlebar DRYADE black

This handlebar was rather designed for beginners and riders of small size. Indeed, it is available in many sizes ranging from 57 cm to 67 cm high. It will therefore be usable by people measuring between 1m40 and 1m70 according to the practices, it will thus be less suitable for large people.

In order to help you in your choice, we have developed a utility to choose its perfect handlebar height

In addition, this handlebar is aluminum so very light but more flexible than steel, the ride sensation will be different. It should also be noted that aluminum has the particularity of being less dense so it requires a greater thickness to be as solid as steel or titanium. The aluminum handlebars are therefore always in standard internal diameter but require 34.9 mm clamps. The presence of backsweep (the fact that the handlebars back a little to the rider at the handles) may be an advantage to learn more easily figures like barspin, manuals or whips.

CAUTION: Ethic steel handlebars already have a built-in star, and only require the Ethic compression screw. They are also equipped with a slot, so you will need a SCS adapter if you want to integrate it into a Scs.

Technical characteristics :

Existing heights: 570 mm, 620 mm, 670 mm
Width: 560 mm
Tube diameter: 34.9
Material: Aluminum 6061 T6

Butted: yes
Backwseep: yes

Brand overview ETHIC

The brand Ethic DTC is a brand launched by Kevin Demay, rider and designer recognized for other brands of freestyle scooters. Ethic DTC offers high quality freestyle scooter equipment, while keeping prices affordable!

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