Spare parts ETHIC Deck ERAWAN V2 BrushedETHIC Deck ERAWAN V2 Brushed
  • ETHIC Deck ERAWAN V2 Brushed
  • ETHIC Deck ERAWAN V2 Brushed
  • ETHIC Deck ERAWAN V2 Brushed
  • ETHIC Deck ERAWAN V2 Brushed
  • ETHIC Deck ERAWAN V2 Brushed
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ETHIC Deck ERAWAN V2 Brushed

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Product description ETHIC Deck ERAWAN V2 Brushed

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ETHIC Deck ERAWAN V2 Brushed

New decks arrive at Nomadeshop !!
At first glance the ERAWAN V2 deck looks like the first model (V1) but in fact it has been designed and created with a maximum of innovations.
It is more solid and more stable to perform a maximum of tricks like feeble or smith.
During its conception, the design was also redesigned to reduce the risk of cracks at the back of the deck to guarantee you a product that lasts over time.
The V2 deck is wider than its predecessor by 6mm and has been specially designed for young riders to progress quickly.

It will be perfect for small to medium riders because we offer it in 2 lengths 500 and 540mm.
Finally a V3 brake has been installed for even more comfort.

This deck is still as reliable and light as ever. In addition it will be perfect for beginners who want to progress quickly.
It benefits from an excellent quality / price ratio.

New features :
- improved design
- Deck suitable for the youngest riders with its size of 500mm
- Deck wider than the V1 (120mm instead of 116mm for the V1)
- Optimization of the rear cut
- Grip supplied with the deck

Deck size :
Length: Choice of 500mm or 540mm
Width: 120mm

Technical characteristics :
Material: 6061-T6 aluminum
Headtube angle: 82.5°
Concave: R1000
Max wheel size: 120mm
Brake: Adjustable in 2 positions
Grip: Gripsaver V2 included
Weight: 1254g (T500mm) / 1318g (T540mm)

Brand overview ETHIC

The brand Ethic DTC is a brand launched by Kevin Demay, rider and designer recognized for other brands of freestyle scooters. Ethic DTC offers high quality freestyle scooter equipment, while keeping prices affordable!

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