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BLUNT Handlebar REAPER V3 675mm Chrome

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Product description BLUNT Handlebar REAPER V3 675mm Chrome

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BLUNT Handlebar REAPER V3 675mm Chrome

The handlebar reaper is back with a pro model Flavio Pensenti.
A high density aluminum structure for more strength without altering its weight.
With only 930 grams on the scale, a custom ultra light could make you the next freestyle scooter champion.
To test it is to adopt it !!

This handlebar was rather designed for beginners of average size. Indeed, with its 675mm high, it will be perfect for people between 1m65 and 1m75.

In order to help you in your choice, we have developed a utility to choose its perfect handlebar height

This handlebar is aluminum so it is very light, but be careful, this material is softer than steel, your ride feeling will be different. Note also that aluminum has the distinction of being less dense so it requires a greater thickness to be as solid as steel or titanium. The aluminum handlebars are therefore always in standard inside diameter but are tightened with 34.9 mm collars. The presence of backsweep (the fact that the handlebar folds a little towards the rider at the handles) may be an advantage to learn more easily figures like barspin or manuals.

Technical characteristics:
Material: High density aluminum
Width: 580 mm / 22.8 inches
Length: 675 mm / 26.5 inches
Compatibility: ICS, IHC
Backsweep: 3 °
Upsweep: 2 °
Handlebar outer diameter: 34.9 mm
Handlebar internal diameter: 28 mm
Weight: 930 grams

Brand overview BLUNT

Blunt is a very famous brand in the world of freestyle scooters. Blunt freestyle scooters are quality scooters, with a wide choice of models and prices. Blunt also offers a wide selection of freestyle scooter parts: decks, handlebars, wheels, forks, bearings, pegs, compression kits, grips, clamps, brakes.

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