- The "Park" scooters are designed for skatepark practice. They are lighter and more manageable. - "Street" scooters are designed for urban use (sidewalks, rails, etc.). They are stronger and more stable (wider deck, a little heavier) - The "Polyvalentes" can be used both in the park and in the street. They are perfect for discovery, but less pointed for more demanding practitioners.
  • Trampoline
  • Beginner
Weight is important when choosing a scooter. The smaller the size of the rider, the more important it is to have a light scooter. It will be much easier to do tricks. Weight becomes less important when the rider is bigger.
  • 1400 g
  • 950 g
Handlebar height
Handlebar height in millimeters. Remember to look at the size guide on each product sheet to be sure that the handlebars correspond to your size.
  • 570
  • 670
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  • Internet;Store
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INDO Freestyle scooter Trampoline PRO 75cm...
Size(s) available :
One size fits all
Size(s) available :
One size fits all
Size(s) available :
One size fits all