Create your own custom-designed stunt scooter

Looking for a 100% unique stunt scooter that reflects who you are? You've come to the right place! Our Custom Maker stunt scooter tool lets you customise your own stunt scooter in a matter of clicks! 
Nomadeshop is the world's very first store to develop a stunt scooter Custom Maker platform. Set up in 2009, it's constantly being updated, serving as an inventoryof spare parts from all the biggest brands. We have everything you need to design your dream stunt scooter: our tool lets you pick and mix from among a million different combinations to create your very own custom-made design!

How does the stunt scooter Custom Maker work?

Customising your stunt scooter couldn't be easier. Simply click on each spare part you need, starting with the deck

Your custom-made scooter design can be checked and viewed every step of the way, enabling you to check style and design are both flawless throughout the process. When it comes to budget, there's no hidden surprises here: every time you select a part, you'll see the total order amount, meaning you can adjust it at any time. You also get 10% off each part when you customise your stunt scooter using our Custom Maker.

Part compatibility

The Nomadeshop Custom Maker lets you piece together different parts from different brands to design the very best set-up for your own unique stunt scooter. Compatibility for each spare part added to your custom-design scooter is automatically checked by the tool. This means there's zero risk of finding yourself swamped with spare parts that don't go together. Especially as Nomadeshop offers free assembly, and if you have any issues, the team will get in touch to help you out with the best solutions for you.

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