Create a custom freestyle scooter

Looking for a unique freestyle scooter in the world that matches your personality? You are in the right place ! With our freestyle scooter Custom Maker tool, you can customize a freestyle scooter in just a few clicks!
Nomadeshop is the first store in the world to have studied the creation of a freestyle scooter Custom Maker. Created in 2009, it is constantly updated and lists the spare parts of the biggest brands. We have everything you need to design a freestyle trot of your dreams: the tool allows you to make more than a million possible combinations for your custom!

How does the Custom Maker scooter freestyle?

To personalize your freestyle scooter, nothing is easier. Just click on each spare part of your choice starting with the deck .

The custom scooter project is visualized throughout its design, which ensures that its design is at the top. Question budget, no surprises either: each room choice we see the total amount of the order allowing it to adjust at any time. By the way, you have - 10% off each piece when you customize your freestyle scooter with the Custom Maker.

Compatibility of parts

The Nomadeshop Custom Maker can assemble parts of different makes to get the best configuration of your freestyle scooter. The compatibility of each piece added to the custom scooter is automatically checked by the tool. Thus, zero risk to end up with spare parts that do not go together. Especially since Nomadeshop offers free assembly and in case of concern, the team will contact you to offer you the best solutions.

Discover the whole universe Freestyle Scooter