Kids 3-wheel scooter MICRO MICRO MINI Scooter Children SPORTY 3 in 1 Rose

MICRO MICRO MINI Scooter Children SPORTY 3 in 1 Rose

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Product description MICRO MICRO MINI Scooter Children SPORTY 3 in 1 Rose

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Micro Scooter for kids 3 MINI MICRO SPORTY wheels 3 in 1 Rose

This new version of Mini 3-in-1 is at the forefront of innovation! Made in Germany, the new Mini 3-in-is even lighter (1.5kg), more flexible and more resistant. This is the scooter of the market more suitable for children from 1 year.

The Mini Micro 3-in-1 Sporty accompany your child from the age of 1 year in learning motor skills and the balance through its three functions.

1 scooter, 3 possibilities: in the "carrier" position, it fits on the scooter seat and a steering rod with a handle O (ideal for small hands). Two heights are possible to position the seat depending on the age of your child. When he is ready for his first thrills and chills, the seat withdrew, but the top bar remains. when we can finally the exchange it grows, to the traditional T-bar of the Mini Micro.

This scooter will take your child anywhere with its navigation transfer hyper intuitive weight. Of great stability thanks to its two front wheels and always equipped with brake easy, efficient and very resistant, the new Mini Micro will allow your child to navigate with confidence. This unique navigation system invented by MICRO help your child's learning of balance and coordination.

Maximum weight: 20 kg - aluminum bar over New design black wheels and less messy - more resistant Brake

Brand presentation MICRO

Founded in 1996 in Kusnacht, Switzerland, Micro Mobility Systems manufactures scooters for adults and kids. An innovative brand, Micro has a range of 3-wheel scooters for children as well as a scooter equipped with a removable seat to very little ones in their development. Adult scooters have not been left behind, equipped with a folding system to make it more convenient to travel in the city. Micro scooters can go with you wherever you go!

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