BLUNT Pegs STREET BACK (unit) ChromeBLUNT Pegs STREET BACK (unit) Chrome
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BLUNT Pegs STREET BACK (unit) Chrome

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Product Description BLUNT Pegs STREET BACK (unit) Chrome

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BLUNT Pegs STREET BACK (unit) Chrome

Customize your freestyle scooter with STREET pegs from Blunt.

Technical characteristics :
Material: Chromoly and aluminum
Length: 60 mm
Width: 35 mm
Axes: not included
Unit price.

Brand presentation BLUNT

Blunt is a very famous brand in the world of freestyle scooters. Blunt freestyle scooters are quality scooters, with a wide choice of models and prices. Blunt also offers a wide selection of freestyle scooter parts: decks, handlebars, wheels, forks, bearings, pegs, compression kits, grips, clamps, brakes.

Discover the products of the brand : scooter BLUNT | Decks BLUNT | Forks BLUNT | T-bar BLUNT | Wheels | Headsets | Clamps | Pegs | Bearings | Grips | Accessories | Compression systems | Brakes | Griptapes | Screws and Bolts
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