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Blunt Handlebar Stripper Black

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Product Description Blunt Handlebar Stripper

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Nomadeshop is pleased to announce the Blunt brand within its accessory range. The brand Blunt is from the association of riders scooter Freestyle pro straight from Melbourne, cultural country of the scooter fresstyle.
We present here the Blunt Tbar Stripper for scooters and freestyle scooters!

Size M: Height 52cm, Width 49cm
Size L: Height 57cm, Width 49cm
Weight: 1030grs in M and 1080grs in L.

Brand presentation BLUNT

Blunt is a very famous brand in the world of freestyle scooters. Blunt freestyle scooters are quality scooters, with a wide choice of models and prices. Blunt also offers a wide selection of freestyle scooter parts: decks, handlebars, wheels, forks, bearings, pegs, compression kits, grips, clamps, brakes.

Discover the products of the brand : scooter BLUNT | Decks BLUNT | Forks BLUNT | T-bar BLUNT | Wheels | Headsets | Clamps | Pegs | Accessories | Bearings | Grips | Compression systems | Brakes | Griptapes | Screws and Bolts
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