Grips TRIGGER Griptape Neo ChromeTRIGGER Griptape Neo Chrome
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TRIGGER Griptape Neo Chrome

Colours :
Neo chromeTRIGGER Griptape Neo Chrome
BlackTRIGGER Griptape Neo Chrome
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In stock
In stock
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One size fits all

Product Description TRIGGER Griptape

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Griptape Trigger in neo chrome for freestyle scooter.

Features: Videos
Size: 53cmx12cm
Weight: 45g

Griptape sold individually.

Brand presentation TRIGGER

Trigger is an extreme sports brand based in Paris. Trigger is a rider-owned company, developed to support the extreme sports scene by creating technologically superior products.

Discover the products of the brand : Freestyle Roller - Street TRIGGER | Boots TRIGGER | Roller Skates for Kids TRIGGER | Cruisers TRIGGER | Skateboard | Forks | Skate bags | Helmet | Frame | Wheels | Pegs | Wheels | Clamps | Buckles/Straps | Bearings | Accessories | Grips | Griptapes | Wax | Socks
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