How to choose a deck for a freestyle scooter?

The deck is one of the essential elements of the freestyle scooter . The deck is at the origin of the responsiveness of the trott and will influence the overall performance of the rider .

Freestyle scooter deck elements:

A freestyle scooter deck is composed of several elements welded in a single block to maximize performance.

·The headtube is the part in which the fork will fit to allow the rotation of the scooter .

·The folding is the link between the Headtube and the board.

·The tray is made of aluminum whose quality differs according to the price ranges.

Freestyle scooter deck weight:

The deck of a freestyle scooter supports your weight which will be increased tenfold when you receive your tricks. It is therefore subject to great efforts and must be very resistant. The weight of the decks oscillates between 1.1 kg and 2 kg. A heavy deck will be more stable in the air and conversely, a light deck will be more manageable and precise. For example, ETHIC Decks have the reputation of being very light, unlike the heavier but more stable AO SCOOTERS Decks .

Freestyle scooter deck length:

The length of the deck varies between 49 cm and 59 cm, and will play on the inertia of the scooter. If you are young and of average height or you prefer to skate park, a short deck will be more manageable. The FASEN deck and APEX deck have built their notoriety on this type of practice. For taller people or preferring the street we advise you to go on a long deck that will give you maximum stability as the ADDICT deck can offer.

Freestyle scooter deck width:

The width of the deck varies between 10 cm and 15 cm, and will play on the inertia of the scooter. The parameters to be taken into account are the same as for the length. The closer it is handy , the wider it is the more stable it is . If you want a narrow board, the BLUNT deck and BLAZER deck will be good choices, but if it's the width you want, it's an URBANARTT deck that will best meet your expectations.

When talking about deck width, you have to consider the notion of concave . This is the curvature in width and inward of the tray. This curvature is not present on all the decks but will better stall your feet and thus facilitate the triggering of the figures and the reception.

The angle of the freestyle scooter deck:

The angle of the freestyle scooter deck varies from 82 °to 84 °. This angle defines the position of the handlebars on the scooter: the higher it is, the more the handlebars will be positioned far from your body, the lower the angle the closer the handlebars will be to you.