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Fasen Collier 2 Vis

Colours :
Violet blueFasen Collier 2 Vis
Green / purpleFasen Collier 2 Vis
Black goldFasen Collier 2 Vis
Dark blueFasen Collier 2 Vis
In stock :
In stock
In stock
Sizes :
One size fits all

Product Description Fasen Collier 2 Vis

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FASEN Clamp 2 Screw Green Purple

Technical characteristics:
Clamp 2vis
Inner diameter 31.9 mm

Brand presentation FASEN

Founded by Brendon Smith, a mythical figure in freestyle scootering, Fasen is a new brand in this discipline which is already being widely talked about. Equipped breath-taking resistance and lightness, Fasen freestyle scooters Fasen are pro scooters! Their decks, more specifically, are characterized by their unmatched lightness in the field.

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