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What is freestyle scooters?


The freestyle scooter Pro is a model of scooter with which it is possible to perform acrobatics tricks in street or skatepark. They have the characteristics of being stronger, stiffer and more responsive than a classic adult or child scooter and they also have a handlebar that rotates 360 °.

Many riders use their freestyle trot every day. They are today tens of thousands of practitioners around the world made Buttercup, Scooterflip and Kickless or Flair and Backflip for those who have a higher level. Whether you are a freestyle scooter rider in pro or flow team, it is important to choose it. On Nomadeshop, the choice is varied and allows everyone to find the trott freestyle that corresponds to his tastes and his level.

In our freestyle scooter shop you can buy a freestyle scooter pro , intermediate or beginner, personalized with a wide choice of products, spare parts and accessories or create a freestyle trot customized with the custom maker .

It will be easier for you to buy a standard freestyle trott if you start practicing or if you have a small budget. On the other hand, for the most creative, you can make your own custom scooter.

At Nomadeshop the whole world of trotting is available as well as the biggest brands. You can also have many tips in our freestyle scooter store or through our videos available on our networks and social media.

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