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MICRO Electric Scooter MERLIN

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Product Description MICRO Electric Scooter MERLIN

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MICRO Electric Scooter MERLIN Black

The Micro Merlin Electric Scooter has been designed for people who want comfort and long distances. With a range of 25 km, the Micro Merlin scooter will be popular with city-dwellers on long journeys daily.

Equipped with large 200 mm wheels (Airless technology puncture resistant) and double suspensions front and rear, the Micro Merlin scooter offers unmatched sliding comfort.

Its handlebar is adjustable and its maximum height is 108.5 cm, which allows people of large sizes to ride with a straight and comfortable posture.

The Micro Merlin scooter is easy to handle;it adapts to both novice and experienced users. The principle of operation is simple: acceleration and braking are done with two triggers located on the handlebars. The Micro Merlin scooter also has a foot brake on the rear wheel, allowing full control.

The Micro Merlin scooter is equipped with an LED screen on which you will find:

  • The driving program (4 different modes)
  • The indication of the outside temperature
  • The speed at which you ride
  • The battery charge level
  • The actual distance achieved (TRIP) or the total mileage (ODO).

The Micro Merlin scooter is equipped with a powerful front Brushless engine and has 4 driving modes:

  • Mode 1 Pedestrian: 250 watts and maximum speed 6km / h
  • Mode 2 Eco: 300 watts and maximum speed 20km / h
  • Mode 3 Standard: 400 watts and maximum speed 25km / h
  • Mode 4 Sport: 500 watts maximum speed 25km / h
Technical characteristics :
Autonomy: 25 km *
Maximum weight: 100 kg
Maximum speed: 25 km / h (35 km / h on private road)
Wheel sizes: 200 mm A / R - Anti-puncture rubber tires (Airless Technology)
Engine brake: handlebar and foot
Handlebar throttle trigger
Maintenance &cruise control
Programs: 4 driving modes
Maximum power: 500 W
Built-in lights at the front and back
Folding mode: at the foot
Weight: 11,05 kg

Handlebar height: 108.5 cm
Overall length: 105 cm
Board height: 11.5 cm
Width of the board: 14,5 cm (width) x 55 cm (length)

LG Lithium-Ion Battery, located in the board
Capacity: 36 V / 7.8Ah / 280 Wh
Charging time: 2 to 3 hours on mains (220V socket)
The IP54 standard guarantees the tightness of the battery and the motor unit. IP53 sealing for the screen.

Brand presentation MICRO

Founded in 1996 in Kusnacht, Switzerland, Micro Mobility Systems manufactures scooters for adults and kids. An innovative brand, Micro has a range of 3-wheel scooters for children as well as a scooter equipped with a removable seat to very little ones in their development. Adult scooters have not been left behind, equipped with a folding system to make it more convenient to travel in the city. Micro scooters can go with you wherever you go!

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