MICRO Electric Scooter E-MICRO ONE Black

MICRO Electric Scooter E-MICRO ONE Black

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Product description MICRO Electric Scooter E-MICRO ONE Black

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MICRO Electric Scooter E-MICRO ONE Black

driving programs: 3 modes adjustable pipes s adapting to each user: Eco (15 km / h 250 Watt) Standard (25 km / h 250 Watt) Sport (25 km 500 Watt). Maximum power: 500 Watt. Maximum speed: 25 km / h.
Battery life: 10 to 15 km. The autonomy of the scooter varies according to speed, driving style, type of road and the driver's weight.
Battery: Lithium Polymer integrated into the board.
Charging time: 1 hour - charging cycles: 1000+.
Engine: the engine "Bruschless" 500 Watt is integrated in the rear wheel.
Brake rear motor to regenerate the battery.
integrated front fender.
Wheels: front wheel 150mm "Dual DENSITY" reinforced PU outside and dense inner foam to absorb shock. Rear wheel 120 mm composed of a reinforced PU coating of 0.5 cm around the engine.
very low board for comfort and control. Edges of protection under the board enabling avoid shocks and wear.
non slip rubber grip
assistance system to climb: the engine automatically detects the resistance to rise and therefore maximizes power and torque.
Ability to turn off the engine and use emicro one single scooter.
3 Repeatedly press the brake allow to quickly turn off the scooter.
The E-One Micro s s on and off automatically to prevent the battery is not discharged unnecessarily.
Light indicating the integrated charge level in the board.
1 year warranty Hard Battery
Minimum age 16 years
Traceability: unique serial number engraved on the scooter

Brand presentation MICRO

Founded in 1996 in Kusnacht, Switzerland, Micro Mobility Systems manufactures scooters for adults and kids. An innovative brand, Micro has a range of 3-wheel scooters for children as well as a scooter equipped with a removable seat to very little ones in their development. Adult scooters have not been left behind, equipped with a folding system to make it more convenient to travel in the city. Micro scooters can go with you wherever you go!

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