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  • MICRO Electric Scooter CONDOR
  • MICRO Electric Scooter CONDOR
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MICRO Electric Scooter CONDOR

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Product Description MICRO Electric Scooter CONDOR

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MICRO Electric Scooter CONDOR

The Micro Condor electric scooter has been specially designed for those who want to cover long distances.

With a long range of 25 km, a top speed of 25 km / h, a power of 500 watts, 200 mm wheels for a weight of only 9.5 kg, it breaks all records. The Micro Condor Electric Scooter is equipped with a unique motorcycle-style acceleration system (equipped with cruise control) and Motion-Control technology. On a daily basis, you have the choice between a 100% electric propulsion or hybrid assistance mode offering active mobility (the scooter recognizes each movement or degree of inclination of slope by accompanying your thrust with a propulsion of 4 seconds in the rear wheel to assist the move).
The Micro Condor has a triple engine braking system: with the bike-type handle, a bike-type handle on the left (also active on the front wheel) and on the foot. Its built-in, intelligent dual-headlight system (like on a car, stop lights are brighter when braking) increases the safety of use on the road.

Technical characteristics :
Maximum weight: 100 kg
Speed: 25 km / h
Autonomy: 25 km
Charge: 2.5 hours
Max power: 500 W
Wheel size: 200 / 200mm
Handlebar accelerator
Speed regulator
Motor brake: foot and handlebars
Intelligent rear light: yes
Front light: yes
Water resistance: IP54
Pedestrian mode: 6 km / h
Classic scooter fashion
Battery: Panasonic 5.8 Ah / 208 Wh
Storage type: Foldable
Weight: 9.5 Kg
100% electric
Handlebar height: 82-107 cm
The battery and motor are guaranteed 1 year
Spare parts are available for 4 years

Brand presentation MICRO

Founded in 1996 in Kusnacht, Switzerland, Micro Mobility Systems manufactures scooters for adults and kids. An innovative brand, Micro has a range of 3-wheel scooters for children as well as a scooter equipped with a removable seat to very little ones in their development. Adult scooters have not been left behind, equipped with a folding system to make it more convenient to travel in the city. Micro scooters can go with you wherever you go!

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