Spare parts

Choosing the right spare parts

You have just obtained a scooter or you simply want to change parts on it which prove to be defective such as a square wheel, a damaged handle or a brake which no longer fulfills its role. Do not panic ! On our Nomadeshop site, you will find all the spare parts you are looking for in order to repair or modify your scooter as you wish thanks to the many products for adult scooters that are available to you.

Choosing the right adult scooter wheels

On Nomadeshop, you can in particular find products like wheels since we sell wheels that can range from 100 mm to 145 millimeters. This obviously depends on the distance between the wheels of your scooter. The wheels we sell are from the Micro brand, a Swiss brand founded in 1996 and manufacturing products for scooters, both for children but also for adults. A square wheel can easily happen if you brake too hard or your wheel is damaged. This is why you have to avoid braking too brutally as much as possible in order to keep your wheels as long as possible and in particular the rear wheel, which is the most vulnerable to brutal braking.

In addition to wheels, our site also sells bearings. A dozen products are available on our site. Ball bearings, for the practice of freestyle, but also for a practice a little more traditional, everything is there so that you find your happiness there. You will therefore find all the products you will need according to your utility and your needs. Many brands are available to you such as Qu Gear , Titen , Trigger, Ethic or Slick Hardware.

Changing scooter brakes for adults

You have had your scooter for a long time and you are thinking seriously about changing your brake since you feel that it no longer fulfills its role and that you may find yourself in danger if it should prove to be defective. So, to avoid an accident and avoid finding yourself in a situation of insecurity on the handlebars of your scooter, Nomadeshop offers this type of product so that you can install a brake on an adult scooter. Four products are at your disposal and you can choose the color you want since black, white or chrome are offered as part of a brake replacement or simply a change to customize your scooter and thus the put to your liking.

Scooter grips for adults

In addition, the Nomadeshop site offers other spare parts for adult scooters since handlebar grips for scooters are available on our site. Green, white, black, you will have the choice to customize your scooter in the best way. A good handle notably provides better comfort, especially if you are on the road, whether for a walk or just to go to work. Nothing like a handful of quality to make you feel as comfortable as possible on the road.