Adult scooter MICRO Scooter Ride SPEED + MINT Turquoise

MICRO Scooter Ride SPEED + MINT Turquoise

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Product description MICRO Scooter Ride SPEED + MINT

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MICRO Scooter Ride SPEED + MINT Turquoise

The wheels of the Micro Speed + are larger (145 mm) and equipped with shock absorbers, allowing a comfortable ride even while driving quickly on a poor quality bitumen. With the extra large board and its gripping special coating, it can take a very stable position. The new color "mint" it the ideal scooter for the summer!

The color turquoise
Weight: 3.7kg
Max Weight: 100 KG
Wheel size: 145 mm

Brand presentation MICRO

Founded in 1996 in Kusnacht, Switzerland, Micro Mobility Systems manufactures scooters for adults and kids. An innovative brand, Micro has a range of 3-wheel scooters for children as well as a scooter equipped with a removable seat to very little ones in their development. Adult scooters have not been left behind, equipped with a folding system to make it more convenient to travel in the city. Micro scooters can go with you wherever you go!

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