Freestyle scooter

freestyle scooter  made for fans of sensations. It is practiced in skatepark or in town, and allows for breathtaking figures. scooter freestyle has become one of the urban skating disciplines most essential. Launched just a few years ago, the scooter freestyle has literally exploded and won a phenomenal success.
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Adult scooter

Adult scooters, also called urban scooters, are most often used to get around town. Adult scooters are also enjoyed by adults to get to work, making daily journeys more fun and less tiring.
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Children's 3-wheel scooter

Children's 3-wheel scooters are also often called Junior scooters. Children's 3-wheel scooters were specially designed for the very youngest. Their ergonomics have been designed in such as a way as to make them the most stable ones on the market. Junior scooters have undoubtedly gained great success among both the young kids who use them and the adults that give them to them.
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