Speed skates POWERSLIDE Speed roller FINAL 110POWERSLIDE Speed roller FINAL 110
  • POWERSLIDE Speed roller FINAL 110
  • POWERSLIDE Speed roller FINAL 110
  • POWERSLIDE Speed roller FINAL 110
  • POWERSLIDE Speed roller FINAL 110
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POWERSLIDE Speed roller FINAL 110

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Product description POWERSLIDE Speed roller FINAL 110

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POWERSLIDE Speed roller FINAL 110

It's just the best value for money most affordable for a pair of speed skates!

Powerslide's most advanced technologies are condensed into this Final model, to meet your performance needs at a lower cost.
We find the "trinity"binding system with the 3 mounting points of the plate for a lower center of gravity, with a more rigid connection to the shoe at the front of the foot.
The shell is not made of fiberglass or carbon, but it nevertheless remains in plastic composite materials reinforced with fiberglass.
The shoe remains both technical and comfortable, which is made possible by the construction with the "flex shell"which eliminates uncomfortable hard points. And if ever there was, it is possible to thermoform at 90 °C to adapt it to the shape of the foot.
The look of the shoe resumes that of the Puls because the Final is the light version, but without having taken too much away from its characteristics.
The Trinity Elite cast aluminum frame 13.2 "(335mm) long in 4x110 offers an accessible version for people looking for performance without going on 3x125.
The Final is an entry-level model by the price but quickly comes into the middle of the competition because of the elements that compose it to learn and improve in the world of racing.

Technical characteristics :
Boots: Final in thermoformable synthetic leather (90 °C)
Frames: Trinity Elite aluminum 13.2 "(325mm)
Wheels: Infinity 110mm / 85A
Bearings: Wicked ABEC7

Brand overview POWERSLIDE

Founded in 1994, the brand Powerslide is a multi-faceted skate manufacturer. Indeed, Powerslide also designs recreational skates, speed skates and freeskate skates. Powerslide also offers some of the most innovative skates in the world of urban action sports. Launched very recently, the Doop Freestyle skate is a good example. It fits over your shoes while ensuring perfect ankle support and performance - just as good as traditional freestyle skates. Powerslide is most definitely one to watch in the world of urban action sports.

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