How to choose your roller speed spare parts?

To skate speed, your passion alone is not enough. You will also need the appropriate equipment, including a helmet and rollerblades. Speed skating is characterized by its diversity. Indeed, this race can take place on track, on road or sometimes indoors. Depending on the terrain, the technical level required varies. Knowing that some components of your skates wear out over time, you will need speed skating parts to keep yours in top working condition.

Speed skating: what is it?

Speed skating isn't all about speed events. It also features endurance races and marathons. This discipline is practiced at all levels: beginner, intermediate and professional. The participants are judged on their ability to cover a distance in a given period of time, the challenge being to come out on top by putting in as little time as possible.

Speed skating: which equipment to choose?


Speed skates are quite different from conventional skates. The liner is shorter, but the frame is longer and can accommodate between 3 and 5 wheels. The choice of inline skates must be made considering the frequency of use as well as the type of event concerned. If you are a regular skater, a pair of mid-range inline skates will suffice for your needs.

For intensive and professional practice, it is possible to order tailor-made inline skates or opt for a pair of series. If you want to customize your skates, some spare parts for speed skating such as wheels or laces will help you. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, the diameter of the wheels is decisive in their choice. It is generally between 100 mm and 110 mm. It is not uncommon to see frames with wheels of different diameters. Brakes, bearings and buckles are some of the other things you can change on inline skates.


Of course, the helmet is essential equipment in speed skating. The majority of skaters use a cycling helmet that effectively protects the skull in the event of a fall. This accessory is also available on speed skating spare parts sales sites.


It is recommended to opt for cotton socks , not only for their comfort, but also for their sweat absorption power.


As a precaution, consider purchasing gloves to protect your palms. Leather reinforced models are particularly recommended. Some skaters prefer regular cycling gloves or wrist guards.

Although practiced as a hobby, speed skating is quite a physically demanding sport. To stay successful, you need to stay in good physical condition, but also invest in quality speed skating equipment and parts.