Choosing the right roller-hockey accessories

If you are interested in roller hockey, you will definitely need to be well equipped to play it. Whatever your playing field, indoors or on the street, roller-hockey accessories will not only allow you to participate in the game, but will also serve you as protection. The popularity of this sport makes it an activity as fun as it is fascinating, which is arousing growing enthusiasm among a large audience, mainly made up of young people.

Why go roller hockey?

One of the reasons roller hockey is so popular is its accessibility. This is because you don't need to invest in expensive equipment to play it. In addition, it is a sport which requires a real team spirit. To win a match, individual and collective talent is decisive, but just as much is the quality of roller hockey accessories. The rules of roller hockey are easy to learn. Considering the intensity that players display during a match, having a good physical condition is necessary. It is also important to choose your equipment carefully. Be careful, don't just rely on prices, they are not always a guarantee of quality. Given the strong competition that agitates this sector, the reputation of brands is a factor that should not be overlooked.

Roller hockey: some essential accessories

The Crosse

The butt is like an extension of your hands. This roller-hockey accessory is not to be chosen at random. Certain essential criteria must be taken into account in order to make a successful choice, in particular its size and its curvature. The butt should be neither too short nor too long. Pick one big enough to reach your chin. This measurement takes into account your size plus that of your inline skates.

Roller skates

The choice of roller skates will have an influence on the speed and flexibility of your movements on the ground. As a rule, these roller hockey accessories have 4 inline wheels. Very reactive, they are also distinguished by their great maneuverability. For a first purchase, do not hesitate to invest in a recognized brand to have quality assurance.


Choose gloves that guarantee your comfort, even when you wear them for a long time. They must have excellent grip so as not to hinder you in the execution of your movements. Choose soft, light and breathable gloves. Keep in mind that these roller hockey accessories play a crucial role in protecting your hands. So do not bet only on their aesthetics.

The roller bag

As its name suggests, this bag is used to transport rollerblades. Convenient, it allows you to keep them close to you without getting in the way. Thanks to this bag available in different models and colors, you will have no trouble finding space for your gloves, shorts or hockey t-shirt.


The helmet is a constituent part of a hockey player's equipment. Different models are present on the market, some with a grille on the front face while others have a visor.