Freeskates RAZORS Roller Freeskate COSMORAZORS Roller Freeskate COSMO
  • RAZORS Roller Freeskate COSMO
  • RAZORS Roller Freeskate COSMO
  • RAZORS Roller Freeskate COSMO
  • RAZORS Roller Freeskate COSMO
  • RAZORS Roller Freeskate COSMO
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RAZORS Roller Freeskate COSMO

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Product description RAZORS Roller Freeskate COSMO

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The Razors "Cosmo" tackles one of the biggest problems of freeskating: push transfer. Most skates are made of relatively flexible materials, so platinum tends to flex if it is attached directly to the boots causing a loss of energy.
Razors solved this problem by tying the deck to a frame: the "soul frame". It is made of an extremely rigid material allowing to distribute the power on all the bottom of the boots. This results in a solid connection between the foot and the wheels helping to make the most of each thrust.
The "Cosmo" features the new Instant Platinum Change (IFC) system that makes it easy to replace worn parts and convert this freeskate skate into a hockey or street skate in seconds. The "Cosmo" slipper uses thinner padding for a better feel of the pad and better control. The buckle at the level of the kick will allow you to literally stick in a pleasant way your heel at the bottom of the boots and the new aluminum buckle will ensure the maintenance of your ankle. The aircraft-grade aluminum deck and the 80mm / 85A wheels offer a real comfort of smooth and effortless skating.
These different elements in the background a very responsive freeskate skate that offers a lot of possibility.

- Total thrust transfer
- Instant Frame changing "IFC" patented
- Replaceable slider and soul frame
- 6061 aluminum GC plate (aeronautical grade)
- High quality 80MM / 85A GC wheel (X8)
- Buckle at the ankle
- Fine slipper with ankle support
- Aluminum buckle

Brand overview RAZORS

Razors was founded in 1989 by Andy Wegener in Germany. Now established in the USA, Razors is one of the largest manufacturers of aggressive skates in the world and the market leader in the United States. Razors supports and sponsors a number of riders throughout the world, from the USA to Poland. In all, over 50 riders are privileged partners of Razors! Why not join them?

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