Bearings QU GEAR ABEC9 RS bearing [x16]QU GEAR ABEC9 RS bearing [x16]
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QU GEAR ABEC9 RS bearing [x16]

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Product description QU GEAR ABEC9 RS bearing [x16]

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QU GEAR Bearing x16 ABEC 9 RS

ABEC9 bearings 608 RS: Bearings with a removable nylon flange and an open side.

7 chromed steel balls of quality Abec 9.
Size 608: Compatible with 8mm or smaller diameter axles.
RS: A nylon flange to prevent rust, easily removable for regular maintenance, and an open face for less friction.
Put the open side inside the wheel to protect the bearing from dust.
Cage (around balls) made of nylon to prevent rust.

Maintenance: After driving in the water, or regularly, disassemble the wheels, dry the bearings by turning them empty and degrease the outside of the bearings with a dry cloth.
Sold in sets of 16 bearings for 8 wheels.
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