Roller skating RB Macroblade 90 W - 21 GRAY / PINKRB Macroblade 90 W - 21 GRAY / PINK
  • RB Macroblade 90 W - 21 GRAY / PINK
  • RB Macroblade 90 W - 21 GRAY / PINK
  • RB Macroblade 90 W - 21 GRAY / PINK
  • RB Macroblade 90 W - 21 GRAY / PINK
  • RB Macroblade 90 W - 21 GRAY / PINK
  • Video RB Macroblade 90 W - 21 GRAY / PINK

RB Macroblade 90 W - 21 GRAY / PINK

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Product description RB Macroblade 90 W - 21 GRAY / PINK

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ROLLERBLADE Roller ride and fitness MACROBLADE 90 W -21 Pink gray

The Macroblade 90 W is the model par excellence for those looking to replace their old skates with newer skates and skate a little faster. 90mm is an ideal size for the wheels and the fit and support of the Macroblade 90 is incredible. The higher-rise design of the boot provides more stability for those learning to ride with the larger 90mm wheels, creating better stability and control when skating. The liner uses mesh designed for breathability, sock-like comfort, and has all the padding needed to make learning to skate much more enjoyable. The aluminum frame provides more power transfer and strength. The clamping system is easy to use and secures the foot to maximize fit and comfort. The wheel / bearing assembly provides the right speed and control so skaters are in control and not going too fast. The brake is included with the pad.

Technical characteristics:
Clamping system: Cuff loop, 45 °strap, speedlaces
Boots: Macroblade, engineered mesh
Wheels: ROLLERBLADE 4X90mm
Hardness: 84A
Brake: Standard

Brand overview ROLLERBLADE

Founded in 1973 by two brothers, Rollerblade was the first brand to dust off the old style of in-line skates and bring them up to date. With 40 years of experience in skates and following the host of new improvements made to to the skating scene, Rollerblade is now a major brand in the market and recognised for the quality of its skates for all levels. And because 100% of staff members are skaters, the brand's history and reputation show no signs of slowing down!

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