Derby skates CHAYA QUAD DERBY Topaz Black RedCHAYA QUAD DERBY Topaz Black Red
  • CHAYA QUAD DERBY Topaz Black Red
  • CHAYA QUAD DERBY Topaz Black Red
  • CHAYA QUAD DERBY Topaz Black Red
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Product description CHAYA QUAD DERBY Topaz Black Red

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CHAYA Roller quad DERBY TOPAZ Black Red

The Chaya Topaz roller is a quality set with a low cut which ensures a great freedom of movement of the ankle with an extremely resistant, reactive and lightweight composite molded hull. The boots are also appreciated for its look. Unlike ordinary derby rollers, the Topaz is equipped with our 2-point DCM mounting system allowing you to adjust the position of your plate backwards and sides to perfectly match your skating style and optimize your performances. Combined with OCTO Edge wheels and WICKED ABEC 9 Freespin bearings, the Topaz brings your game to a new level at an incredible price. The Topaz is an indestructible boot that will last several seasons. This is not an ordinary derby!

Technical characteristics:
Platinum Material: Aluminum, 6000 Series
Boots: Low rise PU leather, Composite, Heat moldable
Liner: Built-in, Smart Padding
Platinum: Chaya Zena
Angle of the truck: 20 °
Cushioning: 92A, SHR
Closure: Lacing, Powerstrap
Diameter of the wheel: 59 mm
Widths of the wheels: 38mm
Hardness of the wheels: 92A
Bearings: ABEC-9
Brake: Yes
Type of practice: Roller Derby

Brand overview CHAYA

Introducing our new collection of quad skate premium products.
Chaya means 'life' in Hebrew. Quad/Derby skating is a real passion for many, and that's reflected in the Chaya brand's products.
Chaya's brand image is crisp, clean and streamlined. These combine style and performance.
Chaya brings customers the very best materials and premium manufacturing.
Once you try them, you won't look back.

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