Pads: 3-packs TRIPLE 8 Pack2 Park Knees / ElbowsTRIPLE 8 Pack2 Park Knees / Elbows
  • TRIPLE 8 Pack2 Park Knees / Elbows
  • TRIPLE 8 Pack2 Park Knees / Elbows
  • TRIPLE 8 Pack2 Park Knees / Elbows

TRIPLE 8 Pack2 Park Knees / Elbows

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Product description TRIPLE 8 Pack2 Park Knees / Elbows

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TRIPLE 8 Pack2 Park Knees / Elbows

Strong and effective knee and elbow protection kit, for an affordable budget.

This set of knee and elbow guards offered by the brand Triple 8 includes a pair of KP22 knee pads and a pair of EP55 elbow pads.
For street or skatepark use, this pack of protections is made to be put on quickly without worrying about having to remove shoes or skates to put on the knee pads.
It suffices for the knees, to open the scratchs, to tighten the butterfly closure on the back of the thigh and the calf, to close the velcro on the upper elastic and the lower strap.
For the arms, you just have to open the velcro and put on the elbow patches by closing the velcro on the top elastic and the bottom strap.
The large shells are riveted for added strength and resistance when dropped on concrete, tar or wood.
The protectors are padded with dense EVA foam to absorb shock.
Suitable for the different uses of urban sliding, for skateboarding, longboarding, aggressive inline or quad skating, BMX, roller derby, ... in short for all disciplines where we will have elbows and knees on the ground !

KP22 knee pads sizes :
S: 32 to 36cm
M: 36 to 40cm
L: 40 to 44cm
XL: 44 to 50cm

EP55 elbow pad sizes :
S: 15 to 20cm
M: 20 to 25cm
L: 25 to 30cm
XL: 30 to 35cm
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