Knee pads TSG FORCE III A Knee Guards BlackTSG FORCE III A Knee Guards Black
  • TSG FORCE III A Knee Guards Black
  • TSG FORCE III A Knee Guards Black
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TSG FORCE III A Knee Guards Black

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Product description TSG FORCE III A Knee Guards

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TSG FORCE III A Knee Guards Black

If you hold on to your knees, don't worry, this knee brace is for you.

TSG has gathered the maximum of the characteristics of what should be effective knee protection. To obtain one of the most efficient on the market with this Force III A model.
With the addition of Arti-Lage foam to protect even more during big falls. This material is flexible in normal times and hardens to dissipate the shock on impact to protect the joint as much as possible.
A large, removable and replaceable shell to slide on floors and other modules or other coverings on which you will fall.
Multiple layers of EVA foams for comfort and shock absorption for cushioning, with a pre-cut shape to surround the patella and entire knee to support the set during movement.
The butterfly system with neoprene straps allows the protection of the thigh and calf to be adjusted without having to remove shoes or other inline skates or skates.
This tightening is reinforced by elastic straps and straps with velcro with a clip to fix everything on the leg without fear of seeing the knee pad move.

sizes :
S: thigh circumference from 34 to 38cm / calf circumference from 30 to 35cm
M: thigh circumference from 38 to 42cm / calf circumference from 35 to 40cm
L: thigh circumference from 42 to 46cm / calf circumference from 40 to 45cm
XL: thigh circumference from 46 to 50cm / calf circumference from 45 to 50cm

Brand overview TSG

TSG is a top-of-the-range Swiss brand of helmets and pads that has developed its own patented Evolution helmet moulds for optimal comfort, and a range of extremely successful, ergonomic pads... This brand boasts a wide range of helmets in numerous styles, with great colours and off-the-wall designs just the way we like. TSG has also developed a comprehensive Girls collection of Derby skates, suited to women's bodies, and continues to offer one of the largest ranges of elbow pads and knee pads for an urban action sports experience with above-average comfort. The brand draws on its experienced and international team of pro riders, developing its products to get you feeling good about your moves...

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