Knee pads G-FORM Knee Pad PRO RUGGED BlackG-FORM Knee Pad PRO RUGGED Black
  • G-FORM Knee Pad PRO RUGGED Black
  • G-FORM Knee Pad PRO RUGGED Black
  • Video G-FORM Knee Pad PRO RUGGED Black


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Product description G-FORM Knee Pad PRO RUGGED

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The G-form knee pads but even more effective!

G-form, which developed the Smart Flex material to protect the joints of people who wear their protections, returns with a more efficient version with the Pro Rugged.
The material which makes the reputation of the brand by being flexible to the touch but which hardens on impact for maximum protection with little volume is now covered with Armortex to strengthen the kneepad and have an even more solid and effective product.
Usually we have huge models shelled with a lot of foam to have as much performance to absorb the impact.
We have greater freedom of movement with these resistant knee pads that are forgotten.
The compression sleeve is with an adjustable strap on the top for better support in addition to having anti-slip bands so that nothing moves during the fall.
The breathable mesh back keeps you dry and cool for more comfort for safe riding.
And it goes to machine washing!

Brand overview G-FORM

Founded by seasoned athletes sharing a common vision of protective gear, the G-Form brand has become THE protection specialist, and has honed a polymer-based system for reducing impact. A revolution for shock-resistance! Designed to protect effectively, G-Form is the fruit of research and technology with a view to practicing sport in complete safety. If you are looking for discrete, comfortable, user-friendly and effective pads, G-form is where it's at. G-form pads: elbow pads, knee pads, etc.

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