Knee pads G-FORM E-Line Knee Guards BLACKG-FORM E-Line Knee Guards BLACK
  • G-FORM E-Line Knee Guards BLACK
  • G-FORM E-Line Knee Guards BLACK
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G-FORM E-Line Knee Guards BLACK

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Product description G-FORM E-Line Knee Guards BLACK

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G-FORM E-LINE Knee Guards Black

Developed for the use of pedelecs and other motorized urban mobility devices.

The G-form brand is known for having a range of high-performance and discreet but relatively fragile protections.
With the E-line range, we find the performance of the SmartFlex material which is flexible to follow the movements of the body but which hardens on impact to protect the joints.
But with an outer shell that reinforces this material to prolong its effectiveness. With a thickness of foam to add even more comfort and even less feel the shocks.
Between these 2 layers, there is a kevlar coating to resist abrasion while retaining flexion freedom so as not to be hampered in the practice of different sliding sports.
This knee pad is covered with a non-slip material to come into contact with the leg and clothing to stay in place even during the most violent falls. A zipper secures the grip around the knee in addition to the solid straps that keep the protection in place on the joint to protect it as much as possible.

Brand overview G-FORM

Founded by seasoned athletes sharing a common vision of protective gear, the G-Form brand has become THE protection specialist, and has honed a polymer-based system for reducing impact. A revolution for shock-resistance! Designed to protect effectively, G-Form is the fruit of research and technology with a view to practicing sport in complete safety. If you are looking for discrete, comfortable, user-friendly and effective pads, G-form is where it's at. G-form pads: elbow pads, knee pads, etc.

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