Elbow pads G-FORM PRO-X3 Black Elbow GuardsG-FORM PRO-X3 Black Elbow Guards
  • G-FORM PRO-X3 Black Elbow Guards
  • G-FORM PRO-X3 Black Elbow Guards
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G-FORM PRO-X3 Black Elbow Guards

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Product description G-FORM PRO-X3 Elbow Guards

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G-FORM PRO-X3 Black Elbow Guards

The PRO X3 elbow pads have shock-absorbing, contoured SmartFlex pads overlaid with a soft, perforated inner foam layer for protection, comfort and breathability.

SmartFlex protectors conform to the contours of your body, absorb impacts, for protection adapted to body movements, in all lightness, they remain flexible while you ride but harden in the event of an impact

Technical characteristics :
UPF 50+ fabric wicks moisture
Machine washable
Compression sleeves with silicone at the top and bottom for support
Knee pad features an extended upper sleeve for a secure fit
Shin guard with anti-abrasion material in the calf area that protects the skin against pedal hits
Impact CE 15613 with cover 1621

Sizes :
For an adjusted protection, it is necessary to take the following measures: Biceps and forearms.
XS: biceps: 24-28 cm Forearm: 15-19 cm
S: biceps: 28-32cm Forearm: 19-21.5cm
M: biceps: 32-34.5cm Forearm: 21.5-24cm
L: biceps: 34.5-37cm Forearm: 24-26.5cm
XL: biceps: 37-40.5cm Forearm: 26.5-30.5cm

Brand overview G-FORM

Founded by seasoned athletes sharing a common vision of protective gear, the G-Form brand has become THE protection specialist, and has honed a polymer-based system for reducing impact. A revolution for shock-resistance! Designed to protect effectively, G-Form is the fruit of research and technology with a view to practicing sport in complete safety. If you are looking for discrete, comfortable, user-friendly and effective pads, G-form is where it's at. G-form pads: elbow pads, knee pads, etc.

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