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Knee brace child

Practicing a sliding sport requires full protective equipment. This is all the more important for children, for whom the risk of falling is higher. Whether it is for scratches or for the biggest injuries, the child knee brace is one of the protective accessories that you will find at Nomadeshop.

Protect children's knees with quality knee pads

In the event of a forward fall, instinct often requires the child to land on his knees. It is however a sensitive part of the body, where the shell of the knee is at the mercy of shocks and friction. It is also a fragile joint, which must be protected from the risk of sprains and other fractures. And yet, urban sliding sports do not spare the knees. Whether it is during a fall to the ground, on a metal rail, during an involuntary twist of the knee, or during an impact against a hard surface, the child knee brace will protect the knee, but also the tibia and the femur .

Wearing knee pads is especially important in children because the growth and construction of cartilage and bones is not complete. These parts are then more fragile, and an injury could have consequences on the rest of the growth.

What is a knee pad for children made of?

The knee brace for children must be able to protect the bones and joints of the mini rider without limiting him in his movements. This is why the knee pads offered by Nomadeshop are designed with flexible and breathable materials, ensuring both protection and comfort.

Logically, the thicker the knee protector , the more it will protect, but that depends mainly on the material it is made of, and in particular at the level of the pad or the rigid shell, the part that absorbs shocks. Then comes the choice of the material that will make up the rest of the knee brace, which will keep the protection on the knee . It is advisable to choose a washable and breathable material, such as lycra, for optimal comfort. Some even benefit from an additional foam.

The knee brace can then be attached around the knee with Velcro straps, or slip on like a sock.

How to choose a child knee brace?

A good knee brace for children is one that will not move, despite all the movements of the budding rider. It is therefore necessary that its size is perfectly adapted, in order to protect the joint in all circumstances. There is nothing more effective than trying out different models, in different sizes. If the knee brace moves, then choose a smaller size, and vice versa, if the child has too much pressure on the knee, go to the size above.

If you don't have the opportunity to try, you can measure the child's knee circumference , and refer to the size guide of the brand you want. Often, each manufacturer has their own unique size correspondence.

Finally, remember to change your child's knee pads as he grows, so that he has protective equipment always adapted to his size.

Nomadeshop undertakes to provide all the necessary equipment for the protection of the youngest. You will therefore find in the online store, or directly in the store, children's knee pads of all sizes.