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BERN Helmet LENOX EPS Satin black

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Product Description BERN Helmet LENOX EPS Satin black

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BERN Helmet LENOX EPS Satin black

A perfect combination of performances from an extreme sports helmet to a very elegant urban look. A look given by this unique combination of fixed visor (very useful in rainy weather or in contrast to intense sunlight), and an extremely thin and light shape. The Bern Lenox helmet is unique not only for its design but also for its technical qualities. Indeed, it combines several essential elements for a helmet:

A trendy look and fashion.
A high level of security.
Very light (less than 500g).
A small footprint.
A fixed visor practical against the rain and the sun rays in the eyes.
A sophisticated ventilation system, allowing easy use even in hot and dry weather.
Helmets in EPS are characterized by a very good shock absorption and robustness without flaws.
These bike helmets are made from durable materials. Resistant to shocks and scratches on the outside of the shell. And with good shock absorption inside the foam.
In winter, for people wishing to continue using their bikes, but also for skiers, a winter kit can be added to this same helmet to easily turn it into a winter helmet:

Cut :
XS / S: 52 - 55.5 cm
M / L: 55.5 - 59 cm

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