ETHIC Pegs 12 STD ACIER 48mm Noir

ETHIC Pegs 12 STD ACIER 48mm Noir

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Product description ETHIC Pegs 12 STD ACIER 48mm Noir

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ETHIC Pegs 12 STD ACIER 48mm Noir

Caractéristiques techniques: 
12 STD 
Matière: Acier 4140cr
Diamètre : 34 mm
Longueur : 48 mm
Poids vérifié : 58 g
Vendu a l'unité

Brand presentation ETHIC

The mark Ethic DTC is a brand launched by Kevin Demay, a rider and designer recognized for other freestyle scooter brands. Ethic DTC offers top-of-the-range freestyle scootering equipment while maintaining affordable prices!

Découvrez les produits de la marque : Decks ETHIC | Scooter ETHIC | T-bar ETHIC | Forks ETHIC | Wheels | Headsets | Pegs | Clamps | Bearings | children's | Compression systems | Grips | Accessories | Brakes | Screws and Bolts | Wax | Griptapes | Tools
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