Heelys roller shoes HEELYS SPLIT 770813 Black Hologram Rollerball Shoe

HEELYS SPLIT 770813 Black Hologram Rollerball Shoe

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Product description HEELYS SPLIT 770813 Rollerball Shoe

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HEELYS Chaussure à roulette SPLIT 770813 Black Hologram

La nouvelle collection de Chaussures à roulettes Heelys est arrivée chez Nomadeshop!!
Nouveau design, nouveau coloris.
Chaussures à roulettes Heelys au confort très agréable.
Logo brodé sur le côté.
Fermeture à lacet.
Roulements : abec 5

Brand presentation HEELYS

More than a brand, Heelys is an urban action sport concept in and of itself! Born in 1999 in the United States, Heelys shoes with wheels let you both roll and walk, by adding or removing the wheel in the heel. Heelys trainers can be used for doing tricks or simply for moving around in a fun way without the clutter. Adopted and adored by the very youngest, Heelys is the number one brand in this market and continues to inspire with a range that is constantly renewed.
Discover the new 2015 models!

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