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Child roller brake

The brake of a children's roller skates is both a safety element, but also a very useful tool for performing tricks. It is therefore important to pay a little attention to it, and not to wait until it is completely worn out before considering changing it. In the Nomadeshop store, you will find brakes for children's skates, to ensure the safety of young riders.

Roller skating brake for children: what is it?

The braking system of a roller skate is above all there to ensure the safety of the child. Even if it is not always easy to learn how to use it, it quickly becomes essential. Whether it is for inline skates , or for quad skates (roller skates), the brake is made of an ultra-resistant plastic part, which is rubbed directly on the ground to reduce the speed of the skater, or even to stop.

A children's roller brake consists of 3 parts:

  • The support, like an arm that connects the pad to the body of the roller;
  • The fixing screw;
  • Buffer.

When should I change my brake pad?

With each contact with the ground, the plastic of the brake for children's inline skates wears and cracks, a bit like an eraser when you erase a pencil drawing. To know when to change the brake of a roller , there are 3 principles to remember:

  • Do not wait until there are sparks or a metallic noise with each braking to replace the brake;
  • Be careful not to damage the brake support, in which case everything will have to be changed, and it will inevitably cost more;
  • Regularly check the pad wear indicator, which can be found on many models of roller brakes.

Beyond the importance of wear, it is above all the safety of the child that is at stake when a tampon is too worn. If there is hardly any plastic left, the grip on the ground will not be done, and the braking will be insufficient.

How to choose a roller brake for children?

If you want to replace your child's roller brake , you will have to take into account several criteria to choose the right model.

Brake pad, or quad brake?

First of all, it may seem obvious, but the brake will not be the same if your child is in-line skating , or inline skating (or roller skating ). The first will have a rear brake , the second a front brake . Each of them will then have a specific buffer and support.

Each roller has its brake

Once the roller skating format is taken into account, you will need to pay your attention to different criteria when choosing a child roller brake :

  • The brand of rollerblading;
  • The roller skating model;
  • The size of the wheel (usually 80 mm for children);
  • The shape of the plate;
  • The design of the stamp (color, effect).

It is recommended that you choose a children's roller brake from the same brand and model as your child's roller blades, as universal brakes are not always compatible.

Nomadeshop offers a wide range of roller brakes for children , whether on the online store, or in the store in Paris. You can then change the brakes yourself, or entrust this step to our team.