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Learning to skate for kids

1. Equip yourself! You'll find just the right skates (even though the look is important, the primary focus is on size and quality) and don't forget the pads (at least: knee-pads, elbow pads, wristsguards and helmet).
2. Choose a suitable place for beginners: a square, a cycle path etc. the main thing is that the location must be away from traffic, on a smooth surface (not gravel, no large roots on track etc.), and avoid slopes.
3. We'll get there steadily. The important thing is not to rush our little angels, let them learn at their own pace. Because, above all, skating needs to be enjoyed Go gently, you want to increase their confidence. The more confident they are, the quicker they learn while having fun. That's why you hold their hand for the first few moments (or longer if they wish), remaining close to them to catch up in case they fall. And if you're a good enough skater, you can wear skates as well.
4. Have fun! :)

You can also entrust them to the capable hands of instructors. more info on skating lessons here.

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