CARVER Surfskate C7 TYLER 777 36.5CARVER Surfskate C7 TYLER 777 36.5
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CARVER Surfskate C7 TYLER 777 36.5

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Product description CARVER Surfskate C7 TYLER 777 36.5

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CARVER Surfskate C7 TYLER 777 36.5

The TYLER 777 is the largest carver surfskate with 36.5 inches in length.
It's just long enough for a short walk back and forth, and short enough for easy pushing and quick pumping downstream.
Its 21-inch wheelbase provides enormous stability while remaining responsive.
To try it is to adopt it!!

Board size :
Length: 36 1/2 "
Width: 10 "
Wheelbase: 21 1/4 "
Nose: 4 "
Tail: 7 "

Technical characteristics :
Type of practice: Surfing, cruising, carving
Board material: 7 plies of maple wood
Trucks: C7 brut (Stainless steel)
Wheels: 70 mm Mag smoke
Hardness: 81A
Bearings: Integrated
Grip Tape: Sugarcoat

Let's talk about the C7 truck on the front of your surfskate :
This patented truck is at the cutting edge of technology to recreate the feeling of sliding surf.
This truck allows you to take ultra tight curves for unparalleled gliding sensations.
No need to put your foot on the ground to propel yourself, just do a series of rapid turns (pumping) to gain speed.
The striking similarity to surf performance has made the C7 the choice for surf training by pros and amateurs alike.

Brand overview CARVER

Carver is a Californian brand set up by two friends seeking pure gliding sensations and the full pleasure of surfing. The innovative technology behind Carver skateboards is their Truck C7. The pivoting arm lets you reach greater angles than a traditional skateboard truck. Thanks to its axis of rotation, the Carver truck will give you surfing sensations on the road. The creators of Carver Skateboard offer a wide range of multi-coloured skateboards, stylish decks, robust trucks, wheels and accessories.

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