CARVER Surfskate C7 GLASS OFF 32 "CARVER Surfskate C7 GLASS OFF 32 "
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CARVER Surfskate C7 GLASS OFF 32 "

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Product description CARVER Surfskate C7 GLASS OFF 32 "

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CARVER Surfskate C7 GLASS OFF 32 "

The carver is the ideal skateboard for city outings and to progress in surfing.
No need to put your foot on the ground to propel yourself, you just have to chain a series of quick turns (pumping) to gain speed.
The GLASS OFF offers very good stability with 82 cm in length combined with its C7 truck at the front which allows an impressive carving.

Technical characteristics:
Length: 32 "
Width: 9 7/8 "
Wheelbase: 17 5/8 "
Nose: 3 3/4 "
Tail: 6 1/2 "
Truck: C7
Wheels: 70mm Mag Smoke
Hardness: 78A

Choose the right board :

Long Surfskate: Over 32 "long, these boards draw long and soft curves, they are easy to pump and gain speed. It is the ideal board for long rides and practicing beginners to experts.

Surfskate Medium : From 30 "to 32"long, these boards are versatile and offer good stability and maneuverability, they are perfect for training surfing, carving and traveling long distances. For all levels, they can also be used in skateparks and bowls.

Surfskate Short: - 30 "long, these models are maneuverable and fast, they draw short turns. These boards are excellent in skateparks but will also be useful for city walks. They are intended for experienced skaters of rather big size light and small.

Brand overview CARVER

Carver is a Californian brand set up by two friends seeking pure gliding sensations and the full pleasure of surfing. The innovative technology behind Carver skateboards is their Truck C7. The pivoting arm lets you reach greater angles than a traditional skateboard truck. Thanks to its axis of rotation, the Carver truck will give you surfing sensations on the road. The creators of Carver Skateboard offer a wide range of multi-coloured skateboards, stylish decks, robust trucks, wheels and accessories.

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