Screws and Bolts BDSKATECO Screws 1 "Black BlueBDSKATECO Screws 1 "Black Blue
  • BDSKATECO Screws 1 "Black Blue

BDSKATECO Screws 1 "Black Blue

Colours :
GoldBDSKATECO Screws 1 "Black Blue
Multi colorBDSKATECO Screws 1 "Black Blue
MoneyBDSKATECO Screws 1 "Black Blue
BlueBDSKATECO Screws 1 "Black Blue
RedBDSKATECO Screws 1 "Black Blue
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In stock
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Product description BDSKATECO Screws 1 "Black

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BDSKATECO Screws 1 "Black Blue

Pack of 8 screws for mounting your skateboard.

Technical characteristics :
Screw length: 1 "or 2.54 mm
Screw Head: Allen
Bolts: x8 with lock washer
Key: included

Brand overview BDSKATECO


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