LOADED Pads RISERS 1/8 "" x2LOADED Pads RISERS 1/8 "" x2
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LOADED Pads RISERS 1/8 "" x2

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Product description LOADED Pads RISERS 1/8 "" x2

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LOADED Pads RISERS 1/8 ""x2

To slightly raise your board to avoid any wheelbite, if your wheels are too large in diameter or you ride with soft or loose rubber.

sold by pair.

Brand overview LOADED BOARDS

Loaded Boards is one of the most well-known longboard brands in the world. Trusted for the quality, comfort and originality of its longboards, Loaded Boards has become a must-have brand. With its international team of talented riders, the brand is developing a network of ambassadors across the world. The decks are highly unique and expertly crafted, and are perfect for a wide range of disciplines. Street, bowl, carving, cruising, freeride, freestyle: these pieces roll on every surface and are fitted with internationally renowned parts (Orangatang Wheels, Paris Trucks etc.). Come and get the Loaded Boards experience at Nomadeshop!

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