Griptapes TRIGGER Griptape 9x33 BlackTRIGGER Griptape 9x33 Black
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TRIGGER Griptape 9x33 Black

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BlackTRIGGER Griptape 9x33 Black
RedTRIGGER Griptape 9x33 Black
Pro blackTRIGGER Griptape 9x33 Black
TurquoiseTRIGGER Griptape 9x33 Black
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In stock
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Product description TRIGGER Griptape 9x33

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TRIGGER Griptape 9x33 Black

The new TRIGGER grip is in the bins of Nomadeshop.

The Grip is the essential element to provide all the necessary grip for your tricks. This grip fits on all skateboard decks.

Personalize your board with this pre-cut grip at the logo for a unique design.

One size :
Width: 9 "or 23 cm
Length: 33 "or 84 cm

Brand overview TRIGGER

Trigger is an extreme sports brand based in Paris. Trigger is a rider-owned company, developed to support the extreme sports scene by creating technologically superior products.

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