Skateboard ENUFF Board Complete POW RedENUFF Board Complete POW Red
  • ENUFF Board Complete POW Red
  • ENUFF Board Complete POW Red
  • ENUFF Board Complete POW Red

ENUFF Board Complete POW Red

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Product description ENUFF Board Complete POW

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ENUFF Board Complete POW Red

The Enuff Pow skateboard is a perfect board for beginners and features comic-inspired graphics. All Enuff boards are traditionally shaped for street practice. (figures, jumps, grinds etc.)

Technical characteristics:
Size: 7.75 ″x 31 ″
Construction: 7 plies of maple wood.
Trucks: 5 ″in raw finish
Bushings: 96A
Wheels: 54 mm
Hardness: 99A
Bearings: ABEC 9

Brand overview ENUFF

Enuff brand: a benchmark for your skate accessories purchases!

Enuff Skateboards is a UK company, founded in 2006, which manufactures skateboards and other skateboard parts. The brand constantly strives to offer products at an affordable price, without compromising on design or quality. In addition, this manufacturer always tries to minimize the negative effects on the environment caused by the design of their products, which is one more reason why we have adopted the Enuff brand at Nomadeshop.

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