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PARIS TruckTool Skate Raw

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Product description PARIS TruckTool Skate Raw

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PARIS TruckTool Skate Raw

SKATEBOARD TOOL: PARIS SKATE TOOL Should last a lifetime. Tired of your old skate tool? Frustrated that your old skate tool can't reach the nut with 2 inch hardware?

Paris Skate Tools can be taken apart and reassembled for storage and best of all can fit any size hardware. No sharp corners to hurt yourself on if you take a spill with it in your pocket.

Want a snazzy Paris Skate tool to match your Paris Trucks? Here it is! Broken apart it is compact and easy to toss in a pocket while skating, no sharp points exposed to impale you in the off chance you take a spill and happen to land on wherever you have it stashed.

Deep sockets to fit on the longest of kingpins and mounting hardware, Designed by skaters, for skaters!

Brand overview PARIS

Paris brand: the assurance of stylish and safe driving!

Specializing in the design of trucks for longboards, Paris Truck Co. was founded in 2008, in California, more precisely in Costa Mesa. Four strengths characterize the products of this manufacturer: originality, turning capacity, durability and design. For 12 years, this manufacturer has made it a point of honor to avoid second-hand materials. Thus, the Paris brand items that we offer at Nomadeshop have a very long life expectancy.

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