Mini Skateboards MINDLESS Skate mini cruiser MANDALA Bleu

MINDLESS Skate mini cruiser MANDALA Bleu

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Product description MINDLESS Skate mini cruiser MANDALA Bleu

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MINDLESS Skate mini cruiser MANDALA Bleu

Caractéristiques techniques :
Pratique : carve, freeride.
Longueur: 28 pouces (71 cm)
Largeur : 8.125 pouces (20.5)
Empattement : 15.5 pouces
Forme: Old School planche courte avec concave peu profonde. Sortie subtile à la queue de coup de pied en forme de nez et V
Construction : 7 plis d'érable canadien
Trucks : 5.5" Californie Truck
Roues : 60mm 83A PU casted, SHR
Roulements : ABEC-9 Chrome

Brand presentation MINDLESS

A British brand present in the world of longboards, mindless has spanned several eras and now has a range of very developed, high quality products at affordable prices. Decks, wheels, trucks, bearings...the Mindless brand is expanding its range of products without forgetting their quality. Highly creative, they have recently refreshed their range by creating the "Voodoo" series.

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