Mini Skateboards CARVER Skate mini cruiser MINI C7 SIMMONS

CARVER Skate mini cruiser MINI C7 SIMMONS

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Product description CARVER Skate mini cruiser MINI C7 SIMMONS

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CARVER Skate mini cruiser MINI C7 SIMMONS

The small size of Carver Mini Simmons CX - 27.5 "allows you to easily pump effortlessly without even setting foot on the ground.
Features of SurfSkate Mini Simmons:
Truck 5.0 CX front
Truck rear C2
wide: 9 3/8
tail: 5 1/2 "
nose: 2 3/4 "
wheelbase: 14 7/8 "

Brand presentation CARVER

Carver is a brand created in California by two friends seeking pure boardsport sensations and happiness, those of surfing. The innovative technology behind Carver skateboards is their Truck C7. The pivoting arm lets you reach greater angles than a traditional skateboard truck. Thanks to its axis of rotation, the Carver truck will give you surfing sensations on the road. The creators of Carver Skateboard offer a wide range of multi-coloured skateboards, stylish decks, robust trucks, wheels and accessories.

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