Trucks Sabre Truck Cast Precision 48

Sabre Truck Cast Precision 48

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Product description Sabre Truck Cast Precision 48

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The Cast Precision SABRE is a powerful and affordable truck. Light and accurate, it is mounted on a molded base in 48 °. The performance of this truck lies primarily in the clarification to the hanger. A lightweight, sleek design, cold forged, axes and a precision pivot allow you to take curves perfect, be stable at high speeds without leaving the turn. In summary, this trucks make you up a notch with the guarantee to keep it as long as possible.
- Angle: 48 °
- Baseplate to 8 holes to optimize the assembly according to board
- Hanger: 180mm
- Axles and wheels to pivot (CNC machined)
- Cold forged from 6061-T6 Alumiunium
- Featherweight 114g with kingpin and pivot cup
- Kingpin hollow and deep flush mounting (reducing supply)
- Pivot and kingpin (CNC machining) for more precision
- 3mm Axle Rake on Both widths
- Gums SABRE F-Type Barrel & Kingcone
- Urethane Pivot Cup
- Supplied with unit

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